Road Safety

Making roads safer by advocating for speed limits

Speeding is considered the most significant contributor to road crash fatalities, as it increases both the risk of a crash happening and the severity of the resulting injuries. Local speed limit setting and enforcement is one of the most effective ways to manage speed. However, in the Philippines, the level of speed enforcement is low, because most LGUs are unaware of their mandate to classify roads to set the appropriate speed limits under Republic Act No. 4136.

The #SlowDownToSaveLives campaign is a policy initiative under the Global Road Safety Partnership that aims to increase the level of speed limit enforcement in the Philippines by encouraging LGUs to classify roads to be able to set speed limits based on actual road conditions.

In January 2018, ImagineLaw, in collaboration with the Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Works and Highways, and the Department of the Interior and Local Government, issued Joint Memorandum Circular 2018-001 with a template speed limit ordinance to assist LGUs in enforcing speed limits and implementing effective speed management strategies.

Since then, ImagineLaw has been providing technical assistance and trainings to LGUs to help save lives and curb the rise of road crash fatalities in the country.